6 Useful Tips for Plus Size Lingerie Shopping

Buying plus size lingerie online is becoming more and more common. Although many shops now offer plus size clothes, it's still difficult to find really stylish and well-fitting pieces. Here are some tips for buying plus-size lingerie online.

Tip 1: Feel Comfortable In XXL Plus Size

You don't have to be plus size to wear beautiful lingerie that shows off the best of a woman's body. The most important tip: if you feel comfortable, you can wear anything! No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't wear according to fashion.

Tip 2: Show Off Your Curves Properly

First of all, your bra should be the ideal size to provide enough support for your breasts and create a nice cleavage. Spend a little more money on a bra that fits! Plus size women in particular often find it difficult to find clothes that fit them well. That's why we specialize in the production of large erotic lingerie. We believe - Nothing is impossible - every woman can be sexy, no matter how curvy you are!

Tip 3: Personal Consultation

A personal consultation is golden! After all, not all plus size women are the same. Some women have big chests and narrow waists, others are a little more stocky. The fatter a woman is, the harder it is to buy something off the shelf. In normal shops, sizing often goes up to 6XL, but not at Plus Size Shapes Shop - we work with a number of well-known manufacturers. Our designers make lingerie in all sizes. In fact, there is no size that doesn't fit. Read also our blog " How to Choose Plus Size Lingerie for Comfortable Wearing

Our advice is based on experience: we try to gauge how a particular material feels in your hand and whether you sweat quickly in it. Our personal advice is full of honesty. We are honest with our clients and tell them if something isn't working. If a customer is in tears because they're so happy with their new dress, we know we've done something right.

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Tip 4: Play With Color And Transparency

Black makes you look slimmer and is an unbeatable color for plus size lingerie in terms of classic elegance. Chubby women should avoid wearing lingerie combinations that show off their tummy. It is better to choose an option that conceals the tummy or has an opaque insert in this area. A transparent dress for women can be very sexy. Soft fabrics that gently hug the tummy and slightly crumble are very form-flattering!

Tip 5: High Heels And Elegant Tights

The chic underwear is best combined with strapless stockings and elegant shoes. High heels elongate the whole body. High heels make your body feel taller, your head automatically goes up, you feel more beautiful and you move better. In addition, tights improve the appearance of the skin and hide unattractive hollows.

Tip 6: Socks That Glide

Our clients often tell us they'd love to wear protective socks, but they keep slipping or rolling. All women like to use lotion on their skin, but this is counterproductive when it comes to socks. It's better to leave the skin untreated in places where the elastic will stick. If this doesn't help, you've probably bought socks that are too small. It is recommended that you measure the circumference of your hips and only then buy the stocking.