Wear Plus Size Body Stocking – So They Don’t Slip

Body Stockings may feel uncomfortable when you put them on for the first time. But, if you buy the right size, the body stockings will not slip and will fit perfectly.

How To Size Your Body Stockings

The most important thing to prevent body stockings from slipping is to wear the right size. This can only be achieved through trial and error. That's why it's easy for your first pair of sleeveless socks to be the wrong size for you. So don't give up, keep trying.

It's important that your feet are not too wide. The thighs are particularly important, as this is where the stockings are fixed. You may therefore need to buy body stockings a size smaller than your socks.

If the socks are too long, they will not fit properly. It is best if they come up to mid-thigh. If they are too high, the elastic may be too tight. This is a frustrating factor as it can shrink and cause your stockings to slip.

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This can also happen if the plus size body stockings are too tight at the top. Make sure that the sock and the elastic are tight, but the elastic should not be too tight. The best way to check this is to stretch the thigh muscles, for example while walking. If the elastic band is too tight, it will move.

Wearing Body Stockings Correctly

Once you have chosen the right plus size body stockings, you just need to wear it correctly.

Put the body stockings on in sections and place them on the right side of the foot. Make sure the sock is straight and not twisted.

Place the body stockings over the full length of the sock.

In particular, make sure that the elastic band is stretched out properly, i.e. not twisted or turned over.

If you still feel unsure, look for protective body stockings with a wide upper. They provide even more support.

How Else Plus Size Body Stockings Take Care Your Feet And Legs?

As well as body stockings, it's important to support your feet and legs with the right footwear. Wearing supportive body stockings and the right footwear can help relieve discomfort caused by foot and leg pain. Walking shoes are recommended for taller plus size woman.

Body stockings with large cups should not be worn while sleeping, as they are designed to counteract gravity and promote blood flow to the heart.  They should therefore not be worn lying down for long periods.

In addition, these comfortable leg support garments can improve circulation and stimulate blood flow. If you think plus size body stockings are perfect for you, visit Monif C plus size fashion store today.