The Complete Guidelines of Lingerie Party Ideas

The big day is approaching. The house is almost ready to move in and the wedding preparations are underway. ........ All that's left to do is wait for the bride and groom to say yes. During the engagement phase, the bride should gather her best friends and start preparing for the lingerie party. In this blog post, I am going share some Lingerie party ideas.

A lingerie party is an intimate party attended by no more than 10 to 20 of the bride's friends. Any more than that, and the atmosphere can become awkward with little banter and conversation among friends.

The purpose of this party is to update the bride's lingerie closet and provide her with some great beauty products to make her and her husband look more beautiful on their honeymoon.

And get inspired by our real weddings to have a wedding that's prettier than the rest.


Who throws a lingerie party?

A lingerie party, like a shower, is an event that should be held prior to the reception. As such, it can be planned by both the bride and her bridesmaids. If you are a bridesmaid and want to surprise the bride, this shower will be the right answer to surprise her and ensure that it will be a great memory for all of you.

We have put together the 05 lingerie party ideas you need to throw a memorable lingerie party from start to finish.


How to organize a party in lingerie? - Lingerie Party Ideas

  1. It all depends on the prerequisites: Do not schedule your party a few days before the wedding. Remember that the bride has dozens of preparations to do for this day.
  1. Invite only friends: Invite only the bride's closest friends who are in the area, both to and from the wedding.
  1. Don't forget to take the bride's measurements! Pay attention to the bride's underwear size written on the invitation. This way, her friends can get the right size without any doubt.
  1. The bride's way! Consider the bride's style and personality when planning the party. It goes without saying that if the bride is shy and formal, she won't feel comfortable and won't enjoy a Moulin Rouge themed party. Therefore, you have to assess her personality first and choose the colors, decorations and games that will make the party more exciting.
  1. Prepare an alibi! Talk to the mother of the bride (or the groom himself) and ask her to help you surprise her. We're sure the bride would love to get a little love from her friends this time of year.

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The Bride

The bride is also free to organize her own party. However, since she is in the final stages of the wedding, it makes sense for her to help with all aspects of the party, including decorations, food, space and the best games.

The nice thing about throwing your own party is that you can make a gift list of all the things you need for the wedding dress but haven't had time to buy yet.


Where do you keep it?

The first thing to decide is the venue for the lingerie party. If possible, you'll want to hold the party at the bride's house, the bridesmaid's house or some other place where everyone feels comfortable. Avoid bars and nightclubs.

In other words, avoid bars and nightclubs. Ideally, rent a secluded space large enough to enjoy the game in peace and quiet.


What is the best date?

In the case of a surprise, it is important for the organizer to find a date on which the bride and groom can attend safely and without obligations. Choose a date for the party that is close to the wedding and at least two months away.

Since the party is more for socializing with friends than gift giving, it will give the bride time to shop for all the things she is missing from her closet. They can also wear Plus Size Black Bodysuit for their lingerie party.


Decorate your party with lingerie

You can choose the decorations that best suit the bride and express her personality. There are no rules to throwing a beautifully decorated lingerie party, so take the opportunity to get creative.

One suggestion is to invest in sexy decorations with lots of glitter, feathers and bright colors (pinks, reds, purples). Fabulous themes and zebra or onsinha animal prints can add a conceptual twist to a party that combines many things.

Sheer decorations also work well if you're the kind of bride who prefers pastel or subtle colors. A sprinkling of lingerie or heart-shaped candy items can add interest to the theme.


What to serve

It should be practical food, such as a sandwich or cake with light cream tea. Lots of sweet treats, such as cupcakes decorated with colorful mixes and sprinkles or chocolate-covered fruit, are probably the last thing you want to serve to your guests. They're delicious and inexpensive, and will delight your friends.

Invest in easy-to-serve appetizers and finger foods that you can serve to your friends. Heavy dinners simply don't work for this type of party, as everyone will be "heavy" and the relaxed atmosphere will be ruined.


The Bride's look

"What should I wear?" This is the question that most plagues brides at every engagement party. And the bride must choose the right style, color and fabric for each party. With so many choices, picking the perfect outfit for this important celebration in a bride's life can be a challenge. So, here’s my tip to help you choose the perfect look.

First and foremost, the bride should know that she is the life of the party. The games, speeches and photos will all be centered on her. That's why it's so important to choose a specific style that will show her off and give her confidence.


Gift list for the Bride

A gift list for a lingerie party should include a variety of beauty products and lingerie that will accentuate the bride's figure. Go through all the items you have already prepared for the bridal party and make a list of the items you would like to receive. Add the most essential items and those you think are less necessary to order.

Don't forget to vary the prices of the items from most expensive to least expensive. This way, everyone can give a gift in some way.

Here's what you need for your gift list…

  • Lingerie party gift list
  • Sets of bra and panties
  • Everyday bras - basic
  • Pajamas - short or long
  • Corset
  • Tights
  • Baby dolls
  • Bathrobes
  • Dresses
  • Belts - Garters
  • Bath salts
  • Massage oils
  • Juicy toys
  • Beauty products: makeup, creams and body moisturizers.


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If you're a guest and don't know what to gift, you can choose from these options.


How to choose the best lingerie?

We know that lingerie design is a very personal matter for every woman. Some brides prefer bright designs with colors, lace and sexy details, while others prefer conservative designs in bright and comfortable tones. Therefore, guests are instructed to buy the lingerie that the bride likes, so it becomes important.

To choose the perfect model, you need to evaluate a number of things such as the lifestyle and personality type of the bride.

 When buying lingerie for the bride, it is always important to evaluate her personality. If you know that her style is more aggressive, sexy and casual, choose sexy lingerie styles with bold colors like lace, animal prints and red. This will definitely appeal to the bride. For the more conservative and shy bride, choose lingerie with bright colors and delicate details. It is all very beautiful.

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