Plus Size Patterned Tights: A Popular Trend to Watch

Greetings, plus-sized trendsetters! Fall has here if you've been sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and wearing knee-high boots already. Even if the bikinis and sundresses of hot female summer will be stored, your wardrobe doesn't have to lose its heat or fashion. This fall, adding a pair (or multiple pairs) of patterned tights to your wardrobe will keep you warm and fashionable. We just released our new plus size patterned tights line for the fall here at Monif C. Plus Sizes, and we're providing you plenty of options to build or create brand-new ensembles for the season. I'm here to share with you some of our all-time favorite styles, and I'm so sure that several of our plus size bodystockings will suit perfectly into your outfit! Get comfortable as we embark on a stylish inspiration tour for fall!

Get comfortable as we embark on a stylish inspiration tour for fall!

plus size fishnet tights

  • "Chloe" Plus Size Patterned Tights in Leopard Print - Monif C

The "Chloe" leopard print plus size tights are back in stock, and I adore it when a best seller does! Chloe made her debut in 2021 and has since been a fan favorite. A sheer black pair of tights called "Chloe" with a stunning, modest leopard print are ideal for creating fashion statements.

"Chloe" looks great with dresses, skirts, plus-size faux leather shorts, and so much more! These tights are ideal for date nights, casual and formal occasions, and work. The "librarian" dress trend is a personal fave around here! Put on these tights with a skirt, heels, and a white button-down shirt. If you know what we mean, I bet bae will beg for some alone time with their fave librarian! Grab a pair for you and your curvy pal since these tights come in one size that fits XL-4X!


  • Diamond-printed plus size Patterned tights branded "Lexi"

How does the adage go? Is a girl's best friend a diamond? The plus size stockings we just received, "Lexi," are the perfect addition to any outfit. The exquisitely large wavy diamond design is the ideal accent for any ensemble. Grab them to complete your next outfit! These, in my opinion, are a fantastic accent to wear with your Christmas attire! With these tights, you'll undoubtedly be one of the best dressed guests at the party! XL-4X fit in one size.


  • Plus Size Garter Suspender Tights

Then why are plus size tights and a garter look in one? My favorite item from our newest line of garter tights is without a doubt this one. The sheer window's faux garter strip adds a whimsical touch that livens up any ensemble. To add more passion to date night, try it with your favorite black outfit. Even a white sweater and a skirt can be worn casually to add that extra pop. This fall, any outfit with these tights will be GIVIN'! consists of the sizes 1X-2X and 2X-3X.


  • Rust Plus Size Tights with Snake Print

Wow, those tights are amazing! No, really, have a look at them. These are statement-making sexy plus size tights! These are perfectly appropriate for the fall season because orange is the hue that most people associate with the season. Add these to fake leather or denim shorts to wear to homecoming or on a night out with the girlfriends! These snake print tights are ideal to be dressed up or down for a movie night with bae! The sizes 1x to 2x of these sexy plus size tights.


  • Cornflower Printed Tights in Plus Size - Blue

These tights are unique! Who doesn't adore plus size patterned tights? This vivid blue color really stands out and could provide the necessary amount of contrast to your fall attire, which is typically dominated by earth tones. An ideal finishing touch for a Halloween costume or other attire for some spooky festivities with family and friends. Everybody who sees you will think you're "Sexy chic" thanks to the beautiful cornflower pattern on these plus-size tights with just a hint of sheer. We adore tights with patterns, and we believe that these are some of our best options.


Now you know which plus size patterned tights are our favorites from our newest autumn collection! We have lots more where these came from, so don't worry. Check out our whole selection of plus size tights. These plus-size stockings will make any outfit pop and are a great discussion starter.