Plus Size Bodystockings’ Plus Size Tights

Plus size tights have become very popular over the years especially during the Autumn and Winter seasons. Not only do they amp up any outfit but they also help keep your legs warm! Plus Size Bodystockings has recently launched our Plus Size Tights Collection and they are SEXY!

Our plus size tights are one size fits all which usually fits sizes large to 4XL. Since they are one sized, these tights will contour to your size and body type. Be careful tho, you must handle your plus size tights as you would your lingerie with care and love. Hand wash your plus size tights with gentle soap/detergent and hang to dry.

We do understand the struggle many plus size ladies have daily trying to find cute and functional plus size tights. With our new collection we’re 100% sure you’ll find something you love! We’ll share with you this newly introduced collection made with our plus size divas requests in mind.


Shiaka is a sheer, lace plus size tights made with floral lace design. This gorgeous print can sexify any look in seconds and is great to draw attention to your legs. This floral print will have all eyes on you, literally.


Reyna is simple but yet still has a bit going on. This style features many mesh net lines going straight down the legs. Its also sheer and will make your figure pop. Being that this piece is so minimalistic you’re forced to notice your amazing body first and then these cute tights!


This plus size tights is a bit symmetrical as it features diamonds and circles within the design. This piece is also another bold choice if you looking to make a statement. Demetria is unforgettable!


If you’re looking for a more lingerie vibe Millie is definitely the one. This piece has a garter design, is crotchless and shows much more skin than some of our other designs. Millie is truly one of our unique plus size tights available and one of the sexiest.


Genevieve is our polka dot baddy. This piece is sheer with a fishnet design and dots carefully placed along the tights. Although this plus size tights design is quite simple the dots just add an extra zing to this design and elevating it to another level.


This ultra-sexy plus size tights features floral design with a peek a boo side. This extra detailing on the leg makes this plus size tights super sexy and irresistible! If you’re looking for tights to make bae can’t keep his hands off, you. Karimah is the one!


Steph is another plus size tights with a unique design. These tights have hearts going down the legs and an x and o design. This may sound a bit confusing or crazy in fact, but you must see this style. We guarantee when you do, you’ll love these tights!


Sherel is constructed with a simple semi-circle design and honestly kind of has an ocean feel or vibe to it. Keeping with the ocean vibe, the semi-circles resemble clams and made this design really cute! If you prefer something sexy but on the simpler side Sherel is the go-to piece for you.

We have so many more styles available on our website for you to choose from. Our plus size tights are affordable, sexy, comfortable, and amazing quality! If you’re on a hunt for those qualities in your plus size tights, Plus Size Bodystockings’ plus size tights will definitely check all your boxes. Shop our Plus Size Tights Collection now. You won’t regret it!