Plus Size Body Stockings’ Sexy Curvy Lingerie: The “Off-the Shoulder” Collection

Plus Size Bodystockings makes shopping for curvy women a breeze with our unique style collections varying in different colors and fitting sizes large to 4XL. Our line is tailored for plus sized curvy women, and we aim to make lingerie shopping, sexy lingerie shopping at that much easier.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or even just to spice up any night with hubby, Plus Size Bodystockings got you. We have the perfect lingerie for any occasion. These pieces were featuring today can all be worn off the shoulder and they look even sexier if worn like this. Check out these unique hot and sexy looks we’re featuring today!


This black bodystocking is crotchless and see through. Featuring a netty design which makes this bodystocking ultra-breathable and super comfortable. This piece can also be worn off the shoulder which amps up the sexy even more. We guarantee this piece will make you irresistible!


Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking Donna is a black bodystocking that mirrors the style of a romper or mini jumpsuit. If you’re not a lover of leggings or tights this bodystocking is perfect for you being that it’s made as shorts. With long sleeves and can also be worn off the shoulder this piece is super cute and can be styled in any way you desire!


This bodystocking is unique, it’s not as sheer as the previously mentioned styles yet is still sexy. This piece is also crotchless featuring a unique circle design over the thighs and arms. There’s also circle cut outs along the front of this piece which gives a pick a boo effect and showcases your breasts, this is always appreciated by hubby.


Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking Suzette is one bodystocking that didn’t come to play. She’s very sexy and sultry making date night one to remember! This plus size bodystocking features lines uniquely placed to accentuate your curves and draw attention to sexiest parts of your body. Of course, she’s off the shoulder and very comfortable, you’ll never want to take this piece off!


This piece is a sheer simple plus size bodystocking. If you don’t want too much design but still be sultry and sexy Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking Charlise is your go to piece. It does have some detailing along the bust and navel area as well as the legs at the side. Being off the shoulder makes this piece sexier and 10 times cuter as well.


Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking Milana is a skin shower. This plus size bodystocking showcases your lower back upper thighs and breasts. It has no sleeves and has a netty design on the bust area. Its crotchless and is the piece for easy access! If you know what I mean. Miliana is sheer and can be dressed up or worn out with a jeans if you dare, This piece is extremely enticing and will surely leave your hubby wanting more.

Off the shoulder pieces has been around for centuries and we can’t get enough of them! They are perfect to highlight your shoulders and neck by showing your skin in those areas. They are also much sexier than a traditional spaghetti strap and much more versatile.

The pieces featured can be worn off the shoulder or the regular way (as straps) but we highly recommend you try the off the shoulder look. Think about it, your hubby won’t have anything in his way to leave those adorning neck kisses and get those massages in! Also, if you decide to dress any of these plus size bodystockings up with a necklace it won’t clash with the straps nor the pieces’ neckline. Tell us, which one was your favorite? We’re excited to know!