Learn How To Arrange Your Plus Size Lingerie To Last Longer

Lingerie is a delicate and important part of a plus size woman's wardrobe. Both for everyday wear and for more personal and special occasions. It is therefore important to ensure that each piece looks good and lasts long.

So today, learn some tips on how to perfectly arrange your plus size lingerie so that your inner garment retains its quality.

  1. Organize Your Plus Size Lingerie

The first tip for storing your lingerie is to start with the basics. Take all your plus size lingerie out of the drawer. This will make sorting them easier.

Especially throw out torn, ripped and even stained lingerie. Keep only those in good condition in the drawer.

Once you have selected the plus size lingerie in good condition, you can sort them into different categories.

  1. How To Store Plus Size Lingerie

Plus size lingerie is the part of women's underwear that is easiest to store. Since most plus size lingerie has no structure that can be damaged over time, it is easy to fold.

To save space, you can fold the plus size lingerie into an envelope shape: the sides in the middle and the bottom of the plus size lingerie on top.

The secret to keeping your plus size lingerie drawer tidy is to store your lingerie in uniform sections.

If you can't arrange the dividers, you can always fold, store and separate them by color and pattern.

  1. Plus Size Bra Storage

Plus size bras require special care when storing them in drawers. Unlined and lined bras can be folded and stored in the usual way, stacked on top of each other. Pay attention to small details to avoid damaging the bra.

But be careful: you should be particularly careful when storing padded bras. They should never be folded, lest they lose their shape or become deformed. They must always be open. This way they fit on top of each other and take up less space.

Another important tip: never look at an upholstered canopy upside down, i.e. from the inside. You risk damaging the foam in the canopy and thus the bedding. It is also advisable not to place anything heavy on this large sheet.

For plus size lace bras, as with lingerie, it is ideal to have a case in which to store them. This avoids stains on the plus size lingerie and damage to the lace.

Finally, a tip for storing plus size lingerie to remember: store corsets according to their purpose and your preferences. If you wear a lot of bras, leave them in the front, etc. Put the ones you use less often in the back.

  1. How To Fold Plus Size Bras

As we all know, plus size bras are lingerie with many details - ribbons, lace, threads, thread stitches, tiny stones - so care must be taken when storing them so as not to alter or detract from their beauty and sensuality.

It is therefore best to store them in a box so that they do not stretch or deform. To prevent the smell of the stored sexy plus size lingerie from spreading, you can punch a hole in the box.

5 How To Store Scented Lingerie

An extra tip for you: pick a scent you like and scent your lingerie drawer. That way you'll smell the scent when you put on your plus size lingerie. I'm sure it will boost your confidence even more.

We hope these tips will help you in your plus size lingerie selection. And if you're looking to update your drawer with new patterns and the latest trends, visit Monif C. There's nothing like a well-organized, beautiful lingerie drawer to make you feel powerful and sensual.