How to Wear Lingerie - NOT In the Bedroom

Yes! Lingerie can be worn out in public and not be too sexy or show too much skin. On our website we feature so many plus size bodystockings that can be worn outside in unique ways. For years women and models alike have been strutting the streets and runway in lingerie pieces and some people don’t even notice they are unless they are told! It’s super easy to style lingerie and not look trashy or attract the wrong attention.

Always keep in mind the occasion and the type of crowd that’s at the event or occasion. Also, try on your outfit beforehand instead of waiting until it’s time to get ready, that way if there’s something you don’t like you’re more likely able to change your outfit and have enough time.

Check out our wardrobe tips below for rocking lingerie in public.

Sheer Top/No Top and Mini Skirt

This combo isn’t only a bomb combo but its extremely doable. You can try this look with one of our plus size body suits like Maya. Throw a coat or jacket over this duo and you are ready for anything girl!

Sheer Dress and Body Suit

A long sheer dress with a bodysuit like Crystal will definitely have all eyes on you. Your curves will be accentuated and showed ever so slightly, making your love interest MORE interested in what you got going on!

Black leather pencil skirt and a Bodystocking

This look is for our boisterous ladies who love to make a statement. If you dare, try this combo with our plus size bodystocking Kim, Pair with heels and you will dominate wherever you go that day. This look is also super cute for a date night. Throw on some heels and you can even pair it with a jacket or coat as well.

Dress with plunging neckline and bodysuit

Many of us own these types of dresses and don’t wear them due to boob malfunctions. We’re here to say, get out that dress and pair it with our plus size bodysuit Nicolette. We guarantee no malfunctions with this look and you’ll finally get to wear that dress that’s been in the back of your closet for ages!

High Color dress with low cut neckline/V and a bodystocking

This look will bring Marilyn Monroe vibes and the sultry will be unbeatable. You can achieve this look with one of our go to styles Keisha. Keisha has leg detailing as well, a simple plain white dress is all you need with an extravagant neckline. This look is great for flashback photoshoots or even 80’s themed parties!

Fur Coat, Jeans and Bodysuit

This look is super sexy and is a wardrobe must! Try this look with our plus size bodysuit Tiana. You will light up the room. We promise! This is another great date night outfit. It’s super classy and ultra-sexy. All you need is a bit of jewelry, heels and a clutch and you are READY!

Sheer ruffled dress and a bra set

This look has been recreated for centuries and we understand why. It’s hard to mess this one up. This means you’re 98% guaranteed to look great! From Plus Size Bodystockings you can recreate this look with our bras set Lilly. Ditch the garter belt or keep it, totally up to you but this piece will complete the assignment.

We’ve mentioned just a few outfits you can rock plus size lingerie and look amazing but there are hundreds of other ways you can. Just make sure you’re comfortable with your look and get a second opinion from hubby or a close friend if you’re still unsure.

We’d love to see your style creations with our plus size bodysuits and bodystockings. Send them to us at info@plussizebodystockings for a feature!