Best Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

Plus-size celebrities such as Precious Lee and Ashley Graham wear large sizes and know how to show off their curves perfectly, which is still difficult for many women. But there are some simple rules to style!

Check your body type

Many women need to choose smaller clothes.

Plus-size cloth is still in fashion, but it's not necessarily recommended for plus size women who look like they've been thrown into a tent. Women often choose the wrong size because they are obsessed with wearing a specific size just because of the XXL feature. However, it is much better to show off body parts than to hide everything consciously.

plus size clothes

There can be many reasons for wearing plus-size clothes - wider buttocks, big breasts, or a big belly. First, you must understand what you want to highlight on your body and what you would rather hide.

Tips for V-shaped Women

This body type has a solid upper body. The legs and waist are delicate in comparison - they can be accentuated well. You can do this by choosing patterned or brightly colored trousers and skirts and wearing calm colors and patterns on the top. Wide-leg trousers are ideal for women with broad shoulders.

With a Big Belly

If you want to make your tummy less conspicuous, emphasize your other assets and focus on slim legs or ankles. This can be achieved with longer tops. On the other hand, short tops shape the silhouette and strengthen the upper body.

With the H-shape

This body shape is almost entirely curvaceous - shoulders, waist, and hips are equally wide. For women with this shape who don't know what to emphasize, it helps to create an in-between point visually. Dresses or twisted blouses can help accentuate the waist with a colorful accessory such as a scarf.

With Strong Legs

If you want to look confident, opt for slim-fitting trousers that fall loosely to the hips. If you feel more comfortable in skinny jeans, wear them. It's best to avoid open washes, especially at the widest part of the thigh. This creates a large visible area. Otherwise, high heels visually lengthen the leg. Choose wide heels and make sure they are comfortable in height.

Choose the Right Color

The question of whether plus-size women should wear dark colors is nonsense! Often it would help if you changed your mindset before you changed your wardrobe. Many models don't believe in banning color, either. Wherever you look, you should wear heavy shades. The rest can be inconspicuous.

Choose a Pattern that Fits

You can lighten yourself up here too. Patterns don't need to be large, just slightly larger, as tiny flowers on a large surface will naturally look bulkier than some bigger ones.