15 Bra Hacks Every Curvy Woman Needs to Know

Straps that slip off your shoulders and clasps that hurt the delicate skin of your breasts are familiar hiccups to all curvy women who wear bras every day. You must admit that wearing a bra is not easy. First, you have to find the right size and make sure it doesn't show under tank tops and dresses. Don't give up. Here are some bra hacks and tips on how to get the most out of your favorite bras.


1. Tips for knowing at a glance if a bra fits you

Put two fingers between the bra and your skin to see if it fits. If you can put your fist between your back and the top, then the bra is too big. If you can't put two fingers in, it's too tight.


2. Use clips to hide the straps of the bra

It's bad enough that you have a nice top, but the neckline is so low that you can see your bra straps. It will ruin everything. If you're wearing a backless top, here's how to hide your bra straps. Simply pinch the two straps together at the shoulder blades with a stapler. Quick and easy, right?


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3. Wash in the shower with a sports bra

Don't cry, here is another bra hacks for curvy women. This tip will save you water and energy. Take a shower with your bra after your workout routine and let it soak in completely before putting it on so you don't live up to your exercise name! That way, you won't have to wait to become an aggressive machine.


4. Sew a small clip on the band to hold it in place

Sometimes the straps on your dress are wide, but your bra straps stick out. To hide them, simply sew a small clip with a buckle onto your bra straps to hold them in place.


5. Secure broken straps with sanitary napkins

I cut myself on a garter belt that came out of my seam! I'm sure we've all had that painful experience. To remedy this problem, take a new tampon and cut it into even pieces. Glue a loop on the back and then glue a pad to form a bandage.


6. Get a protective case for the bras in your luggage so they don't get damaged

This is the most important bra hacks for plus size women. You can buy a slightly stiffer case to keep your clothes in your suitcase without damaging it.


7. Are your bra straps digging into your shoulders? Use these silicone bra straps!

There's nothing more frustrating than having your bra straps cut off. The internet is full of tips for using panty liners, but did you know there are silicone panty liners? Secure these pads to your shoulders slide the straps over them, and problem solved. Also, there are lots Plus Size Lace Bodysuits available on the market. You can choose one of them.


8. Sew the front of your old bra into a strapless garment

If you're like me and hate going out without a bra, and your dress doesn't have one, there's a great trick. Recycle an old bra and cut off the straps and hooks, leaving only the cups. Then sew it to the bust of your dress. This way, you can wear your dress naked and still have comfortable breast support.


9. The washable mesh fabric will keep your bra looking good even after washing

It's best to hand wash your bras, but you don't always have the time (or inclination) to do so. So, if you wash your bras in the washing machine, make sure you use a mesh bra detergent. This way, your bras and other clothes won't get damaged.


10. Store your bras on a rack to save space and prevent them from getting deformed

Hang your Plus Size Sexy Lingerie on a rack for easy storage. This way, you can quickly see them in the morning when you make your choice. This saves space in the drawer and prevents them from losing their shape.


11. Fasten bras with hooks for the loosest fit

When you wear a bra, the straps will get longer over time. If you leave the hooks on your bra at the widest point, you can adjust them later when they loosen up. This way, you can wear them longer.


12. Try different sizes from different brands

Just like ready-to-wear, different brands have different bra sizes, so don't complain if you can't find your size, just try on a few. It’s very important bra hack tip for every curvy women.


13. Fixing the elasticity of a broken bra is easy

If the string comes off your bra, you can easily hurt yourself. To avoid this, there is a simple trick you can do yourself. Cut a pair of panty liners into strips of the same size. Slide the whalebone into your bra as low as possible. Then use a piece of panty liner as a bandage and attach it to the area where the whale will come out. This way, you won't be bothered by the protrusion of the iron.


14. Learn how to fix a whale that won't move

If you have a whale bone sticking out of your fabric, this is usually the end of your bra. But as you've noticed, they always ruin the ones you love. Fortunately, there's a trick that can help you avoid throwing away your favorite underwear. Glue the whalebone to the fabric and glue dots to the rips in the fabric. Let it dry, and then sew the area closed to prevent further tears. Attach the end of the thread with a glue dot and let it dry again. If the glue burns, you can file off the area that is bothering you.


15. Strapless Bras

Many full-figured women don't wear strapless bras for fear it will slip off. You can solve this problem by choosing a bra that is the same cup size but one size smaller than your usual bra size.


Do you have any other good tips for plus size bodystockings or general tips for being a curvy woman, or anything else that has made your life easier so far? There are so many creative ideas out there it's never a bad idea to share these tips with others. I hope you enjoy this post and learn something new for yourself.